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Commiserating via skin woes

[From Amy L, a dentist, not a dermatologist.  =)] My toddler neighbour, JT, has a rash. His grandpa says it’s eczema. Story of my life! Sob. :'( When I see JT, I wonder if anyone is addressing his skin problem. Compared to other children in the community, he seems to...


Counting the Cost

[Dollars and cents (or sense? get it?) from Amy L.] Just wanted to divulge some of the numbers that accompany my decision to work and live in “da ‘hood”. I know that following Christ shouldn’t involve too much calculating, because that can often intercept steps/leaps of faith. Mainly, I want...


Everything sounds more romantic in French

[Editor’s Note: Welcome back to a prior contributor, Amy L from Philly!  We’ll be seeing more posts from her and a few more guest authors over the next few weeks.  If you want to contribute your own, send an e-mail admin@theurbanresident.com] Today I received a postcard from some friends in...