Author: David C



Recently I have come to the conclusion that the best word with which to describe this world is this: pathologic. For most of my life I have lived under the impression that the world is somehow supposed to make more sense as time passes and experience teaches me the true…


The Sounds of Joy

It is with a certain and indescribable heaviness of heart that I write this entry today. Never has my soul felt as wooden or as unrevivable as it does now, for never have I had to let go of a friend. I have been blessed with many great friendships in life, most…


A Reflection on the Anatomy Lab

Originally delivered March 1, 2007 at the Anatomy Lab Memorial Service. In preparing for this reflection, there were many sensations that came to mind: the dryness of dread in my mouth on that first day of lab, the sharp snap of latex gloves, the lingering smell of disinfectant on my…