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You can take me out the hood, but can’t take the hood out me Cause I’m ghetto. 50 cent, LB, & TY *BANG* I froze and my heart went racing. Time stops during an adrenaline rush, but a moment later I started to figure out what was happening. First, I realized that…


Shootings and Samaritans

[Originally written for the ESN blog. Mainly recycled material.] I found out about the Newtown shooting while working in a pediatric clinic. In between seeing children with sore throats and rashes and sniffles, I would hover over the computer and read more about other children torn apart by gunfire. I found…


Search Me, oh God of Angel Armies

I was shocked to see a fresh layer of snow on the car. Already struggling with the bitingly cold temperature and running a few minutes late, I held an apple between my teeth and stepped out my front door. The street lay quiet and clean in the snow, and was relatively empty…