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“He wasn’t a big time drug dealer or anything, you know? He didn’t have anything worth taking. I knew him.” My neighbor stopped for a moment, clearly shaken and deeply unnerved. “Why did this happen to him? We grew up together…” His voice faded and we sat in silence. It was twilight in summer and one of those ordinary and…


What Shall We Remember?

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take my girlfriend for a date through the Pulitzer Prize photography exhibition in Philadelphia. She is much more artistically-minded than I and we had talked before about visiting a gallery or museum sometime. I love photography and thought that…


Commiserating via skin woes

[From Amy L, a dentist, not a dermatologist. =)] My toddler neighbour, JT, has a rash. His grandpa says it’s eczema. Story of my life! Sob. :’( When I see JT, I wonder if anyone is addressing his skin problem. Compared to other children in the community, he seems to be faring “so-so”.…