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Sweets Not Sweet

Last Saturday I tried to go to work early and catch up on some paperwork. The building was not yet unlocked, so I went to the diner across the street for some breakfast. I ordered the $3.25 breakfast, consisting of a carb (2 slices of white toast), a vegetable (fried...


Pediatrician to Parent to the Passion

I stopped and put my fork down on the plate.  There was still food on it, but an emotional force had interrupted my appetite.  My wife and I had been sitting at the dining table, chatting idly about preparations for our child, now nearly 34 weeks old and still in the womb. 34...


Exercise-o-phobia, Lungs, and the Womb

I haven’t exercised in several years.  Really, the only time I run these days is when someone is literally dying.  I run to Code Blues in the hospital.  I run to stat messages on my 1980’s style pager.  And that’s about it. It’s shameful.  I’m a physician who routinely counsels children and adults...


Smidgen of hope

The drug dealers around the corner work long hours, rain, snow or shine. Sometimes they purposely look away when I walk by. Sometimes they say hello/hi/good morning or “Do you have a light, ma’am?”, to which I respond, “No! I don’t smoke. And you shouldn’t either!”. Sometimes they look like...


In the Middle of the Night

Every year, over the span of a couple short weeks, I celebrate my birthday, Christmas, and the New Year. I reminisce over the past year and resolve new goals for the next. This year has been filled with what I call alone-in-the-middle-of-the-night moments. Do you ever get those? One of...


Dog sitting vignettes

One of my favourite things about living in North Philly is the constant exchange of cultures. I love when friends from other neighbourhoods visit so I can watch their reactions to a foreign environment. Moreover, I enjoy watching my neighbours’ reactions to my non-North Philly friends/visitors. There was a point last year...


Advent and the City

We stared at the piece of plastic and sank into the futon.  Positive.  We were sure of it even as our minds struggled to grasp the enormity and totality of its meaning.  Positive.  Were we ready for this, for anything?  Positive.  We were going to be parents.