Revisions: An Online Journal of Christian Perspective

David C is proud to be a supporter of this journal-turned-blog from his old college campus, and hopes to develop more thoughts on a gospel centered worldview of healthcare and healing. Here are some old posts that still have meaning.

Hands and Feet A patient encounter with a stark challenge to compassion

The Lack of College Christian Humanitarianism A sober reflection on competition and compassion

The Pursuit of Suffering The death of a friend changes you

Christ, Culture, and Compassion How the gospel transforms culture

Politics and Christianity Written re: the 2004 election

On Mental Illness  Reflections

The Artistry of Love Love where you least expect it

On Mythologies of Romance and Community The uncomfortable distinction between human love and spiritual love

On Technology, Thanksgiving, and Patience Why I don’t celebrate Black Friday

On Cynicism Originally a Good Friday reflection