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  • Do Not Fear the Nephilim

    Do Not Fear the Nephilim

    [This is an Editorial Note from the upcoming issue of Health & Development on violence from CCHF.  It is a publication with an august history, and we are humbled to make some contributions from this blog.  More to come.] So they brought to the people of Israel a bad report of the land that they had spied…

  • Kittens


    The morning was brisk and crisp and bright.  I tugged the door tightly shut behind me.  Already late, I fumbled for my keys and rushed down the short walkway to my car.  I was not expecting to see the two bundles of fur that nearly blended into the gravel.  They trembled in the  early fall…

  • On Christian Radicalism

    On Christian Radicalism

    [Originally written for the Emerging Scholars Network blog, but you can see it earlier here.  You should really check it out some day!] For its cover story last month, Christianity Today published an article on contemporary Radicalism.  The article struck me as controversial and provocative because it held out criticism of controversial and provocative people: David…