Commiserating via skin woes

[From Amy L, a dentist, not a dermatologist.  =)]

My toddler neighbour, JT, has a rash. His grandpa says it’s eczema.

Story of my life! Sob. :'(

When I see JT, I wonder if anyone is addressing his skin problem. Compared to other children in the community, he seems to be faring “so-so”. Dad is incarcerated. Young mom, grandma and grandpa are doing their best to raise him, among other children. Primary health care is accessible. Health literacy among the adults nearest to him is low.

Meanwhile, I can’t help but remember the care that was provided to me – numerous visits to various dermatologists in multiple cities, family and friends constantly providing creams and other remedies to try, ranging from every Chinese herb on the planet (hyperbole) to a visit from a French “healer” wearing a beret and applying oil on my face with a rooster feather (true story). All these treatments were made possible by the generosity and kindness of others. “Others” mainly refers to a well-educated and financially-stable network of individuals.

I would like to play a part in bringing “skin shalom” to JT. Yet, I can hardly maintain it for myself. There are so many obvious tangible needs on my block. There are so many children in need of advocates here. I’m thankful our Father sees them all.

Urban Resident Dave has requested some creative pieces. Is it ok that I recycle spoken word from college here? Can I safely assume that most readers of this blog are keen on recycling/re-purposing?

Too bad if the answers are no. Here is a poem for y’all!

Itching for Heaven (2004)

We are itchy, about to be weeping
We are scratchy, about to be bleeding
Our skin is dry, cracked, swollen, flaking
Steroids, creams, ointments aren’t helping
Over twenty years we’ve been suffering
Comfort is no longer found in whining
Then Job took a piece of broken pottery and started scraping.

Maybe God wants us to deny our appearance
To trust His assurance
To build patience
Leading to greater

This is our eczema song!

I bet you expected some deep plea
About life and its complexity
Since we all yearn for Glory
That day of jubilee
When we get a new body
Perfect in Christ and ailment-free
The deaf will hear and the blind will see
And we will no longer be



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