Author: Deborah M


Growing Smaller

I turned 30 this year, a milestone which I heartily celebrated.  I had been looking forward to this for at least six years, ever since I read through the Old Testament in 2006 and kept noticing how many of the patriarchs had been 30 when significant things happened in their...


As If They Were Jesus

“Let me love them with Your love, let me reflect Jesus to them…” I catch myself praying such prayers quite often – about my friends, family, church, patients, neighbors – I want to love with the love of Christ, to serve with His humility, and to touch with His healing....


Is it safe?

This author is DM, a nurse practitioner living in North Philadelphia, and one of the sources of living inspiration for what I am doing now. This is part of our Displacement series. If you would like to contribute a story of your own, send an e-mail to — Whenever...