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It was hard to hear him over the rhythmic humming of the ventilation, so I leaned in as his other classmates filtered out of the room. “How do you be a dad?” As a pediatrician, most of the questions I am asked are technical ones.  What is this rash?  How...


Dead Bodies and Lamentations

What do you do with a dead body in the room? My first dead patient arrived that way.  He was half naked, pupils blown, head bashed in from a car accident in which he was thrown through the windshield.  It was my first week on the wards as a medical student...


Scum of the World

I could hear the cussing from inside the room and noted the awkward glances of nearby nurses and staff who turned to look and gawk.  Even though I only sat a few feet outside the door, I ignored the increasingly loud litany of expletives and deliberately focused on the screen in front of me.  He was my...