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[Part 8 of Liz’s story of God’s calling into healthcare in an inner city setting.] Waiting can be challenging. Whether you have been waiting for the next post in this series or waiting for these posts to end, waiting involves patiently holding out hope in the midst of uncertainty, perplexity,...


Puzzle Pieces Unite?

[Part 7 in a narrative of Liz’s calling into counseling as a member of health care team in an inner city.] For all my discussions with counselees about overcoming barriers to obedience in their own lives and relationships, I am a wimp. Yet by this point in my journey, I...


Beyond Figuring Out

[Part 3 in Liz’s story…] Elucidating the pieces to my calling left me feeling like someone had dumped three or four puzzles together, shaken the box, and removed pieces, leaving 500 unrelated pieces with no picture to guide me. I puzzled over the infinite combinations and variations until, like the...