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What Does It Take?

[Guest poem] What does it take to change a life from within? Young and fearless those 3 words, inscribed on your chest Invincible you were til one day, gun shots fired your body running suddenly ablaze the sirens wailed your family prayed your homies await your enemies irate everything hurt...


Selection Bias: Statistical Integrity in Christian Community

Originally a guest post for the Emerging Scholars Network (a ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship):   One day a num­ber of con­cerned moth­ers met with the min­is­ter to express their frus­tra­tion and anger over the unseemly con­duct of a par­tic­u­lar boy in Sun­day School. They did not want their chil­dren...


The Divine Reversal

[Reflection from a morning worship service] I have been spending time working with children and adults with developmental disabilities this past week.  It has been a long week, and to help me process the many emotions and things I saw, I picked up a book to read about theology and...