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  • That Unique Desolation

    That Unique Desolation

    This post has been dormant since March 29, 2016, but its title and its content have persistently been on my mind since.  The other day at some social gathering someone asked me what my hobbies were and, after thinking for a moment, said that it was studying firearm violence.  They laughed awkwardly and so did…

  • Do Not Fear the Nephilim

    Do Not Fear the Nephilim

    [This is an Editorial Note from the upcoming issue of Health & Development on violence from CCHF.  It is a publication with an august history, and we are humbled to make some contributions from this blog.  More to come.] So they brought to the people of Israel a bad report of the land that they had spied…

  • Growing Up – An Interview with Donovan L

    Growing Up – An Interview with Donovan L

    Editor’s Note: Donovan and I have known each other for nearly two years, first meeting shortly after I moved into the North Side of Wilmington, Delaware. Our shared community – the small city he grew up in and the neighborhood I was new to – had recently seen an escalation in violent crime. This interview…