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  • Beyond Figuring Out

    Beyond Figuring Out

    [Part 3 in Liz’s story…] Elucidating the pieces to my calling left me feeling like someone had dumped three or four puzzles together, shaken the box, and removed pieces, leaving 500 unrelated pieces with no picture to guide me. I puzzled over the infinite combinations and variations until, like the Grinch, my “puzzler was sore.”…

  • Liz’s Story: Becoming a Bird-Brain

    Liz’s Story: Becoming a Bird-Brain

    So here’s one good starting point to my story… Sipping Starbucks at a café on Broad Street, I alternated between journaling and absentmindedly watching sparrows peck at crumbs on the sidewalk. It was Saturday, August 20, 2011, and I was taking a much needed spiritual retreat following a tumultuous two month period which included my…

  • Liz’s Story: The Valley of Vision

    Liz’s Story: The Valley of Vision

    [Welcome to a new author! I asked Liz M to write her story of being faithful to God’s calling, expecting a short blurb or two. What she wrote is a compelling narrative that isn’t even finished yet! I’m still on the edge of my seat waiting for the ending, but for now, here is part…