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What Does It Take?

[Guest poem] What does it take to change a life from within? Young and fearless those 3 words, inscribed on your chest Invincible you were til one day, gun shots fired your body running suddenly ablaze the sirens wailed your family prayed your homies await your enemies irate everything hurt...


Shootings and Samaritans

[Originally written for the ESN blog.  Mainly recycled material.] I found out about the Newtown shooting while working in a pediatric clinic. In between seeing children with sore throats and rashes and sniffles, I would hover over the computer and read more about other children torn apart by gunfire. I...


Part 1: On Cynicism

I originally wrote the following passage for a Good Friday reflection in 2007, unknowingly done one week before the Virginia Tech shooting.  The intent in re-posting here is not to lessen the tragedy of what has just occurred in Connecticut, but to speak truth about how little has changed five...