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Exercise-o-phobia, Lungs, and the Womb

I haven’t exercised in several years.  Really, the only time I run these days is when someone is literally dying.  I run to Code Blues in the hospital.  I run to stat messages on my 1980’s style pager.  And that’s about it. It’s shameful.  I’m a physician who routinely counsels children and adults...


Fear and Grace

[Part 9 in Liz’s story of God’s calling her into inner city behavioral health care] For my undergraduate graduation, my college ministry group gave me a copy of When People are Big, and God is Small by Ed Welch. I took a look at the description on the back cover,...



[Part 8 of Liz’s story of God’s calling into healthcare in an inner city setting.] Waiting can be challenging. Whether you have been waiting for the next post in this series or waiting for these posts to end, waiting involves patiently holding out hope in the midst of uncertainty, perplexity,...